What’s Fun in Pangasinan: Fun Activities to Do in Pangasinan

Pangasinan is a vast province that offers a variety of activities to tourists. With towns of different expertise, topography, and services, planning for a Pangasinan itinerary trip can get pretty overwhelming.

Not to worry as this list includes the fun activities that you can do in Pangasinan. These activities all cover a wide variety—from adventure to religious escapades—you will surely find recreations that are perfect for your own travel preferences.

Go on a pilgrimage hike to Mt. Zion Pilgrim Mountain

Located in the quiet town of Bugallon, a 2-hour drive from Dagupan City (one of the province’s main cities), is the Mt. Zion Pilgrim Mountain.

Mt. Zion Pilgrim Mountain photo via FB Page

The top of this pilgrim mountain offers a view of the whole province of Pangasinan, as well as its neighboring province of Zambales. The long trek is certainly worth it for this sight to behold. On top is a replica of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil.

The long trek offers a complete Station of the Cross and also houses different fruit-bearing trees. There are

While not a lot of travelers mention Mt. Zion Pilgrim Mountain, it is certainly perfect for meditation and finding your own meaning of religion. I wanted to include it in this list as the trip to Bugallon is certainly worth it for the peace that this pilgrim mountain has. Not to mention, there are other nearby tourist attractions as well.

Bathe in the Sun at the Tondol White Sand Beach

Tondol White Sand Beach is in Anda, Pangasinan. Anda is considered to be a beach town, and one of the only few in the province.

Tondol Beach by Michelle Yam : Tondol Facebook Page
Tondol Beach by Michelle Yam : Tondol Facebook Page

Tondol White Sand Beach has been heavily advertised and talked about when the conversation of tourist destinations in Pangasinan is brought up. Tourism for the town of Anda is still progressing, at this point, unlike other hotspots in Pangasinan.

This white sand beach offers a great view of the horizon and the perfect spot for sunbathing. The sun is always overhigh and scorching Anda that even locals naturally tan.

There are also the volleyball courts, hammocks, and cottages that can be used with your preferences.

Go on an adventure in Dasoland Family Theme Park

Dasoland Family Adventure Park is in the town of Dasol, Pangasinan. It is only a town away from Alaminos City, hosting the famed Hundred Island.

Dasoland Family Adventure Park
Dasoland Family Adventure Park

Dasoland is a 62-hectare resort/theme park that has a lot of attractions from ecotourism, animal attractions, pools, gazebos, picnic areas, to kids’ playgrounds

It’s certainly family-friendly and your kids will surely enjoy their time in this resort. They can also learn history at The Villa, where World War II memorabilia are kept and displayed.

There are also rooms to stay in if you wish to visit for more than a night.

Ride along Daang Kalikasan

Daang Kalikasan is a scenic nature preserve along the Pangasinan-Zambales road that was only completed in January 2020. It didn’t become a tourist destination just until recently because of its completion. It traverses through the towns of Aguilar and Mangatarem in Pangasinan.

Daang Kalikasan Road photo via FB Page
Daang Kalikasan Road photo via FB Page

The beauty of Daang Kalikasan is unparalleled as you enjoy the view of the nature preserve.

It’s well-known for locals to ride their bikes or motorcycles along this road as they enjoy the calm breeze of nature. A lot of tourists also stop by this road to take aesthetic Instagrammable pictures against the beautiful scenery.

It definitely should be in the bucket list of everyone traveling around the country.

Catch and shop at the Pangasinan Trade Fair and Expo

This is the only activity in this list that is not available all year round. It only happens for a month-long period every year, along the Capitol of the province capital of Lingayen.

Milkfish or Bangus in Pangasinan
Milkfish or Bangus in Pangasinan

The Pangasinan Trade Fair and Expo is arranged by the provincial government and opens in the early days of April till the early days of May. It is opened as part of the celebration of Pistay Dayat (Sea Festival).

The Trade Fair is set up by the baywalk, overlooking the Lingayen Gulf and is best visited at night when shacks of colorful lights stand amidst the darkness. It’s almost a paradise on earth, really.

There are a lot of activities to do such as seeing the Bonzai exhibit or judging the gardening arrangement competitions, or sampling innovative traditional Pangasinan food, or eating food from a Banana leaf disposable plate, or enjoying the band that is playing that night.

These are all the fun activities that you can do in Pangasinan, as handpicked by a local who has been enjoying all these activities all her life. What are you waiting for? Travel to Pangasinan now.

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