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Tips for Choosing Car Rentals for Year-End Vacations

Approaching the year-end long holiday, car rental service enthusiasts are very high. Rental services also provide various kinds of car fleets. The high number of car rental enthusiasts requires people to be more selective in choosing rent car indonesia.

There are several things that you must consider when choosing to use a rental car. Unlike a private car, choosing a rental car must be more thorough. Because obviously, you are not the owner of the car and do not know the condition of the previous car.

In terms of price, you also have to be more careful. Try to get a cheap car rental price with a good quality vehicle.

Here are some tips for choosing a best car rental for your year-end vacation:

Rental price

You have to compare the price of the car in each rental before you are sure to use the car. Every car rental must always offer the best price. Choose the one that fits or even under your budget. It could be when you get a car at a high price, but another rental offers the same type of car at a low price.

Then, don’t be tempted by cheap rental prices. It may be that the rental price is unreasonable or too cheap, making you trapped in getting a car that is not suitable for long trips.

Car Condition

Knowing the condition of this car is of the utmost importance. Try before removing the key you are sure the condition of the car is very good and safe to use.

Ask the rental owner in detail about the condition of the car. Also check the engine, the inside and outside of the car as well as the buttons and indicators that are still functioning normally or not. In addition, you have to test drive yourself to feel the condition of the car.

Another way, invite your friends who understand the ins and outs of the car to check it. Make sure everything is safe so that there are no problems on the way.

Choose a Car According to Your Needs

If you have a family of more than four people, try to choose a car with a large passenger capacity. You can use a car with three rows of seats, such as an SUV, MPV, or Van. This type of car is also suitable for long trips. The large capacity will make you and your family comfortable during the trip.

Avoid Rental On Departure Day

For holiday needs at the end of the year, try to rent a car a maximum of a month in advance. When approaching red dates or long holidays, car rental enthusiasts must be quite high. If suddenly, you could run out of stock cars. Plus, booking ahead of time also avoids the fantastic rental price game. The point is, you should not rush when ordering so that the issue of price, convenience, and safety is forgotten.

Ask Time And Fines

Don’t be careless when you rent car premium. We recommend that you ask the length of the rental provided by the rental company. Generally, car rentals provide rental times for daily, weekly, or monthly. The length of the car rental can also be calculated per hour, for example 8 hours, 12 hours, or 24 hours. For daily car rentals generally provide a price of 400 thousand – 500 thousand. You can also ask if the price includes a driver or key off.

About this time, if there is an error on your part, when you return you can be subject to a fine or cash charge. In addition, you must know the points of the agreement with the renter, including the rules if there is damage or an accident to the car.