Surrogacy VS Adoption debate

Surrogacy VS Adoption debate can be controversial and difficult. Each type of overcoming infertility has its own advantages, the main person who should make a decision is you!

Considering the wide range of factors, the only right way to choose the best treatment for you is your total awareness of the processes.

ADONIS Surrogate Programs provide effectiveness, quality and ensured genetic connection with your future child.

Surrogacy and Adoption main differences are: 

  • Genetic factor

One of the main requirements of ADONIS Surrogacy is the obligatory genetic connection between the baby and intended parents (at least one of the couple). The intimacy and a special connection of parents and child are formed from the first days of conceiving, our intended parents are always close to the Surrogate and get along the whole pregnancy time.

Adoptions do not have such a level of closeness, moreover the genetic connection is absent. The child gets to the parents after the birth or at a later age.

  • Parenting rights from the legal side

Surrogacy process has many advantages in establishing parenting rights, because the intended parents are genetically related to the child. They have the whole range of legal rights from the very beginning of the Surrogacy Program. The Surrogate does not have any connection with the baby she carries. ADONIS ‘own Legal Department is your additional help and support in legal questions.

In adoption, the birth mother is the biological mother with the whole rights for the baby, the resolving process is more complicated.

  • Safety and health of the child

Surrogacy process implies the total control over the whole period of pregnancy, gestational carrier candidate and its health state, conditions of surrounding. ADONIS provides the best Surrogate base with the totally healthy women (medically, physiologically, physically, with clear background).

Your future baby comes through the widest range of different tests and examinations (ADONIS own laboratory and Neonatology Department) to ensure the highest level of safety and health. There is no waiting list, we are ready to start immediately.

Adoption process has no such level of confidence and control, especially over the period of pregnancy and over the woman who carries the baby. The time of Adoption with matching all documentations tends to be long.

  • Rewarding experience¬†

Surrogacy or Adoption, each variant will lead you to your main goal – successful parenting.

Experience of having a baby is an unbelievable trip and a lifelong learning process. Considering all factors above, you can form your personal attitude to each process – Surrogacy and Adoption have its advantages. But the main fact remains constant – one more happy child will come into the world.

We in ADONIS are always ready to help you to overcome infertility with well-developed Surrogacy Programs. The latest equipment, the best qualifying staff, the most supportive surrounding – we create the service you want to come back for.

ADONIS Surrogacy is your proven way of baby birth. Come for first consultation and make your own right decision for the whole family’s happiness.

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