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Lists of Religious Places in Singapore to Visit

Singapore is in the spotlight of tourists who come from all over the world. This small port country has a strong atmosphere of cultural and religious diversity. Migrants from China, India, and Arabia live peacefully side by side in this Lion Land, each carrying a different culture and religion.

Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, and Taoism are the five major religions in Singapore. Many free Singapore tourist attractions offer interesting religious tours to learn about. Before exploring these religious sites, you may want to get info about cheap hotels in Singapore here.

Here are the 5 popular religious sites in Singapore!

1. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

If you’re looking for tourist attractions in Singapore, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum is still in demand by foreign tourists. Most of Singapore’s population is Buddhist. So, there is nothing wrong with visiting one of the places of worship of Buddhism when sightseeing in this country. Even the Buddhist Tooth Relic temple deserves to be included in the list of tourist attractions in Singapore that must be visited.

This Buddhist temple towering around the Chinatown area can be glimpsed as a unique tourist spot in Singapore. The reason is, that there are artefacts that are believed to be Buddhist fangs in this magnificent building that is hundreds of years old. You can find this magnificent temple with shades of red and gold at 288 South Bridge Road.

All areas of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum can be visited free of charge. But visitors can donate to help with the operation of the temple and museum.

2. Sri Mariamman Temple

Located in Chinatown, there is another magnificent building that is a place of worship for Hindus in Singapore. The Sri Mariamman Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore located at 244 South Bridge Road. As its name implies, this temple with Dravidian style architecture was built in honour of the Goddess Mariamman, who was revered for protection against disease.

One of the highlights of this temple is its unique and striking gopuram. Gopuram is a temple entrance tower decorated with six tiers of Hindu god statues, other figures, and decorative decorations. Chinatown is indeed a mandatory destination for backpacker Singapore tours. Singapore’s Chinatown is known as a cheap tourist spot in Singapore.

In addition to this religious tourist attraction in Singapore, the Chinatown Heritage Center is also a must-visit to learn about the history of Chinatown.

  1. Abdul Gafoor Mosque

If visiting the Sultan Mosque in Kampong Glam is not enough, you can move to Little India. At the center of ethnic Indian culture in Singapore, there is the Abdul Gafoor Mosque which is no less popular.

If you’re a fan of unique architecture, then the Abdul Gafoor Mosque is a must-visit. Because the final result of the construction of the mosque at 41 Dunlop Street is rich in magnificent architectural features. Currently, the Abdul Gafoor Mosque is managed by the Singapore Islamic Religious Council.

  1. Sultan Mosque

Singapore is one of the tourist destinations for travelers from Indonesia. Many of them follow Islam. Well, if you want to go on an Islamic religious tour in Singapore, then you should visit the Sultan Mosque. The Sultan Mosque of Singapore is even always perched on the first list of 5 tourist attractions in Singapore for religious tourism.

The mosque, which was founded in 1826 in the historical place of Kampong Glam, is the first mosque built in Singapore. However, what you can see now is not the structure of the early building of the Sultan Mosque. In 1924, at the same location at 3 Muscat Street, the mosque was rebuilt with an expanded area.

  1. St. Andrew’s Cathedral

St. Andrew’s Cathedral is the cathedral church for the diocese of Anglicans in Singapore. This area with Gothic revival and Palladian-style buildings is the largest cathedral in the Land of the Lion. The exterior and interior look magnificent and sacred, reminiscent of ancient buildings in England.

St. Andrew’s Cathedral opened on October 1, 1861, at 11 St. Andrew’s Road. Its location which is very close to the city hall makes it a must-visit tourist spot in City Hall Singapore. You can explore this cathedral and admire its architecture.

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