List of Necessary Travel Documents for Essential Travel in the Philippines

AirAsia Travel Advisory: Necessary Travel Documents for Essential Travel in the Philippines

Manila, Philippines – AirAsia advises its guests that all necessary travel documents must be secured before proceeding to the airport for your flight.

The airline has gradually resumed commercial domestic flights following the Philippine government’s directive of easing community quarantine restrictions in Metro Manila and several parts of the country. Flights from Manila and Clark to Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Puerto Princesa, and Davao City are now open for booking on the AirAsia app and

AirAsia hopes to facilitate a smooth journey for guests on essential travel by checking for complete documentation prior to boarding.

Guests practicing physical distancing as they board the aircraft.

Requirements for Locally Stranded Individuals

Locally stranded individuals are required to present a Travel Authority or Pass that must be secured from the Joint Task Force COVID Shield of the Philippine National Police (PNP). The said pass is needed to travel across provinces or regions across the country under General Community Quarantine.

To secure this, guests must have a medical certificate from the municipal or city health office and a barangay certification that the person has no COVID-19 symptoms for the past 14 days before the day of travel.

Requirements for Business Traveller (Authorized Person Outside Residence)

For medical front liners or persons in industries allowed to operate under General Community Quarantine, company identification or any documentation from the company justifying the reason to travel is required.

The local government of one’s destination may also require the above-mentioned Travel Authority.

Necessary Travel Documents for Essential Travel in the Philippines
Necessary Travel Documents for Essential Travel in the Philippines

Overseas Filipino Workers

Returning Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), including all other arriving international guests, will be required to undergo quarantine and testing procedures upon arrival in the Philippines. Test results and a certification by the Bureau of Quarantine will be issued after.

A Travel Authority or Pass will be needed to travel to local destinations. Supporting documents to be shown for the said pass include any proof of residence.

Travel documents to comply with the entry and exit restrictions by the Bureau of Immigration, including a valid passport and/or visa, still apply.

Only OFWs, Filipino citizens, and their spouses and dependents, permanent residents, and foreign diplomats will be allowed to enter the Philippines.

All foreigners can leave the country at any time. However, Filipino citizens will not be allowed to leave unless they are OFWs, permanent residents or holders of a student visa in their country of destination.

AirAsia enhances digital self check-in as part of safety procedures prior to resumption of flights
AirAsia enhances digital self check-in as part of safety procedures prior to resumption of flights

Local Requirements

Local governments may also have additional requirements. Guests traveling on domestic routes are advised to check local travel guidelines.

AirAsia has notified guests via e-mail of these documentary requirements.

The safety and wellbeing of our guests and Allstars remains AirAsia’s top priority. AirAsia is complying with advice and regulations from the local government, civil aviation authorities, global and local health agencies, including the World Health Organization.

Guests can expect enhanced safety measures throughout the entire journey, including pre-flight, in-flight, and arrival processes. These include the mandatory wearing of face masks to be permitted to travel, amongst others. Guests are also advised to check and comply with measures implemented by local airport authorities for a smooth travel experience.

Answers to frequently asked questions may be found here.

AirAsia is closely monitoring this situation and reserves the right to announce further policies according to the latest developments.

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