Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things to Do in Kuching, Malaysia

Kuching Bucket List: 15 Best Places to Visit in Kuching, Malaysia

Kuching, located in Sarawak, is one of the largest cities on the island. Still, it is small enough to explore a massive range of picturesque and beautiful sites popular with visitors. There is a generous amount of things to see and explore, including Parks and cats’ serene views. Dominant waters lead to a perfect combo with activities, which all add to the boom of tourism.

Take a Hike in Bako National Park

Bako National Park in Kuching Malaysia photo via Depositphotos

Being the first National Park declared in Sarawak, it is home to a fantastic range of ecosystems and landscapes along with a plethora of safe trails to walk along. Hiking this national Park became one of the most favorite activities all year long as wildlife enthusiasts are fond of the Probosci’s monkeys endemic to Borneo.

Along with this monkey, you might also catch a glimpse of monitor lizards, Bornean bearded pigs, pangolins, and around 150 types of various birds in the jungle. Everywhere you go, you’ll see a sense of peace in the jagged cliffs and beaches entangled in dense rainforest, waterfalls, and crystal clear streams.

Good advice is to hike during the evenings to see more wildlife around March and October to avoid the rain. 

Row a Boat in Bako National Park

After taking a hike for approximately seven hours, you can have the option to get picked up by boats. Admire the view of the waters while relaxing and taking a rest from walking too long.

This is undoubtedly something one must try at the Park as it eases the body and takes you to your destination after an enjoyable hike.

Tread the Kuching Waterfront

Sarawak River Cruise boat cruising along Sarawak River in Kuching Waterfront photo via Depositphotos
Sarawak River Cruise boat cruising along Sarawak River in Kuching Waterfront photo via Depositphotos

The splendid city is situated on the Sarawak river banks, and walking along the waterfront boardwalk is the best place in Kuching to get a feel for what life the locals have. At night if you want an energetic ambiance, you can join the locals with eating and be enticed by the sound of sizzling food stalls and accommodating restaurants.

The walkway provides majestic views of the river while you’re eating and talking with people. You can take a snap of the picturesque sunset to record your memories.

Visit the Symbol of Furballs in the Cat Museum

Kuching Cat Museum by Thomas Quine via Flickr CC
Kuching Cat Museum by Thomas Quine via Flickr CC

Kuching is a Malay word for cat or kucing. With this in mind, the city lives up to its name by the Cat museum. This attraction houses a cute collection amounting to 4,000 cat sculptures, pictures, advertisements, figurines, posters, and poems.

You can visit this place with kids as they’ll surely enjoy and have fun seeing the inspirational kitties. You’ll even see a rare Egyptian mummified cat. What makes this even better is that it is free!

Admire Sarawak Museum

New Sarawak Museum, Kuching photo via Arkitek KDI Fb page
New Sarawak Museum, Kuching photo via Arkitek KDI Fb page

Educating many people with history became the heritage of indigenous groups as it is also the oldest museum in Borneo. You can see ethnographic artifacts, wildlife specimens, local handicrafts made by indigenous people that you’re going to be touched by Kuching’s value of culture and respect for heritage.

This museum is an old building that stood the test of times from the Victorian era. Its preservation and renovation paved its way to still being existent in today’s times.

Get to Know the Local Culture at Sarawak Cultural Village

A Sarawakian Traditional dance by Sarawakian people in Sarawak Cultural Village photo via Depositphotos.jpg
A Sarawakian Traditional dance by Sarawakian people in Sarawak Cultural Village photo via Depositphotos.jpg

Learn more about Sarawakian tradition and delve into the culture of Indigenous groups in Malaysia. You can see many longhouse replicas in museums made famous by headhunting Iban tribes and local crafts that represent their country’s culture and heritage. This living museum includes seven traditional longhouses to stroll on, displaying an architectural style from the Malay.

You’ll see locals dressed in traditional, demonstrating how to make handicrafts with their ancient techniques also. Go on and celebrate along with the locals’ dance and music performance, which proudly showcases their rich cultural heritage.

Watch The Sea Turtles in Satang Island

Satang Island Sunset by Dustin Iskandar via Flickr CC
Satang Island Sunset by Dustin Iskandar via Flickr CC

Satang Island, locally known as Turtle Island from Pulau Satang Besar, is one unique place to visit and watch sea turtles. Many turtles from the South China Sea would often come, protected by the area’s local rangers. It’s a good opportunity to learn more about Borneo’s conservation efforts to protect animals and wildlife.

Coming here will be a perfect one of a lifetime experience to enjoy and have a unique experience watching turtles lay eggs. Make sure to visit between the months of April-September for the hatching season of turtles.

Admire the Old Courthouse

Kuching Old Courthouse by Yeo Jiun Tzen via Wikipedia CC
Kuching Old Courthouse by Yeo Jiun Tzen via Wikipedia CC

Like Kuching’s waterfront, this once the city’s administrative center is now a legendary colonial building that houses the Ranee Museum.

Walk along with the verandahs, pavilion, and Round Tower and appreciate the incredible architecture, the serene clock tower from the colonial era, and the pavilion from the Renaissance period, which is currently a textile museum.

Furthermore, the Old Courthouse hosts art exhibitions and cultural performances within its vicinity.

Party in the Rainforest World Music Festival

Rainforest World Music Festival photo via FB Page
Rainforest World Music Festival photo via FB Page

Performed annually as a 3-day event in Kuching around August, this festival would never fail your spirit. The whole day program includes music workshops, performances about culture, craft exhibitions, local food, and most importantly, the main event is the concerts held in the evening.

A combination of traditional music and contemporary world music is merged, which unites musicians from the whole world and the indigenous people who are also musicians in Sarawak. Since 1933, the haunting music of the Sape, which is a lute-like instrument, is never forgotten as a symbol of the festival. If you want to partake in the event, it usually is held during July of each year.w1qqq

Shop until You Drop at Main Bazaar

Main Bazaar, Kuching Waterfront by Chipmunk_1 via Flickr CC
Main Bazaar, Kuching Waterfront by Chipmunk_1 via Flickr CC

It’s not just a regular market, but this is a traditional bazaar in the middle of Kuching’s main streets. You can shop for different souvenirs like arts and crafts, jewelry, and textiles.

Infuse in the Tradition of Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple

Night view of Tua Pek Kong Temple in Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia photo via Depositphotos
Night view of Tua Pek Kong Temple in Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia photo via Depositphotos

Being famous with the tribal indigenous communities, Kuching has a lot of Chinese people. This led to a lot of Chinese buildings and places of worship.

One location to have high regard among them is the Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple, an essential temple for an epoch. Intricate engraving and a lot of stories related to Chinese deities can be seen.

Gaze At The Beautiful Architecture of Fort Margherita

Fort Margherita in Kuching, Malaysia photo via Depositphotos
Fort Margherita in Kuching, Malaysia photo via Depositphotos

One of the most iconic landmarks in Kuching, this building was constructed around 1879. Its purpose was to protect the city and its citizens from attacks.

It is currently used to store and preserve ancient weaponry like cannons, pistols, cannonballs, and swords.

Feed the Orangutans at Nature Reserve

Orangutans in Borneo photo via Depositphotos
Orangutans in Borneo photo via Depositphotos

Visit the Orangutans in the Nature Reserve as they roam all around the place. You need to take caution and be alert when you happen to visit during their mating season.

Ask help from the Reserve rangers for assistance in feeding them while telling you happy stories and facts about these Orangutans.

Volunteer at the Monkeebar

Monkeebar photo via FB Page
Monkeebar photo via FB Page

It’s good to help out where you can, and you can exactly do that in the Monkee bar while being paid. If you are paid, you need to stay close to the animals, clean their habitat, or even feed them.

There’s also another way to help, and that’s to be a free volunteer by helping out the bar by cleaning and serving food and drinks.

MonkeeBar is affiliated with Project Orangutan, where 50% of proceeds go towards orangutan conservation in Matang wildlife center.

Visit the Mind-Blowing Upside Down Museum aka Rumah Terbalik

Rumah Terbalik - The Upside Down House in Borneo
Rumah Terbalik – The Upside Down House in Borneo

You’ll surely love this and fill your camera with photos. Most of the museum displays are upside down, and these are tables, walls, or decorations that are inverted to create an illusion.

You are to be guided by enthusiastic and helpful staff if you visit. If you are wondering where to go to Kuching, this museum should be top of your list.

Kuching Travel and Tour Packages

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