Day: November 25, 2021

Korea Tourism Organization Uses Extended Reality for Extensive New Campaign

(24 Nov 2021) ┬áThe Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has launched a new campaign ‘Come Play with Korea, K-VIBE Festa’ using extended reality (XR) on the metaverse platform to provide a taste of Korea before a person visits for real. As part of the campaign, the national tourism organization introduces Korea’s diverse attractions with ‘K-Travelog’, the […]

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How To Keep Match While Traveling?

Not only are you unfamiliar with your native environment, but you are consuming overseas food, and your physique is uncovered to unfamiliar viruses and bacteria. travel news today For people who love to journey, beginning a travel company specializing in cruises could be very exciting. Online travel planning and flight-booking. Purchase airline tickets on-line, discover […]

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