Day: October 11, 2021

Air France to Operate Flights to 182 Destinations This Winter

(11 Oct 2021)
With the gradual lifting of travel restrictions in
many destinations around the world, Air France has confirmed that
it will operate flights to up to 182 destinations this winter – 87
long haul and 95 short and medium-haul, with new routes scheduled
for launch on all continents.

This winter, Air France will add four destinations
to its network on departure from Paris-Charles de Gaulle:

Zanzibar (Tanzania): 2 weekly flights as a
continuation of flights to Nairobi as from 18 October 2021;

Muscat (Oman): 3 weekly flights as from 31 October

Colombo (Sri Lanka):

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Is Time Journey Inevitable?

A. = The homeowners of Athens lodges or Greek hotels can ask an advance of up to 25% of the overall of value of the keep for all the days reserved.

traveling hotel auditor

Whether you’re a first time traveler or a frequent traveler, travel safety starts with you. A new potential risk for travellers in the 21st century is terrorism. Terrorist assaults are sudden, violent and unpredictable and, aside from the obvious danger of harm or loss of life, a terrorist incident in the nation you might be travelling in can result in the delay or cancellation of your … Read More

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