Day: July 9, 2021

How’s Business in Laos? Interview with Hotelier and MD of EXO Travel Laos, Duangmala Phommavong

(06 July 2021)
For years, the beautiful landlocked country of Laos has
relied on the undeniable strength of Thailand’s marketing skills,
and the fact that Bangkok has long been a major transit hub for
backpackers and students heading to Australia and New Zealand on
their year off, to boost its tourism industry.

As such, Laos has often been sold as a +1
destination with
people spending the majority of their time in places like Samui
and Chiang Mai before heading over the border into Laos for a
short stay.

Once there, Laos has a lot of things to do and

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Unaccompanied Minor Flights

Love the history supplied by way of headphones and if we’re on upper level the photograph opportunities can be found. London’s routes are well worth the time, all vital websites are included.

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You might think of hosteling as one thing that college college students do whereas touring by Europe for the summer. Hotel. Staying in a resort is a safe way to go and if it is your first time to Europe or you’re not much of a threat-taker, then that is in all probability the route you want to take. Hotels depending on the place … Read More

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