• Air Cargo Demand Reaches Record High in March 2021

    (05 May 2021)
    IATA’s March 2021 data for global air cargo markets
    shows that air cargo demand continued to outperform pre-COVID
    levels (March 2019) with demand up 4.4%.

    Demand in March 2021 reached the highest level
    recorded since the series began in 1990.

    Month-on-month demand also increased albeit at a
    slower pace than the previous month with volumes up 0.4% in March
    over February 2021 levels.

    Because comparisons between 2021 and 2020 monthly
    results are distorted by the extraordinary impact of COVID19,
    unless otherwise noted all comparisons below are to March 2019
    which followed a normal demand pattern.

    Global demand,

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