• A Short Introduction To Travel Insurance coverage

    People are extra often logging on to ebook every part from flights to accommodations to automobile leases and this has modified the face of journey and has opened up many alternatives for home based business.

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    Journey insurance is an added expense tacked on to the top of your trip tab, and most people waive the price with out studying the small print of what the travel insurance covers. Widespread carrier – Covers demise or dismemberment whereas travelling on public transport similar to a aircraft, ferry, practice bus or taxi. Group insurance policies permit parties of 10 or … Read More

  • Hong Kong Airlines to Trial Lab App Module of IATA Travel Pass

    (31 Mar 2021)
    Hong Kong Airlines has confirmed that it is working
    closely with IATA to trial its Lab App, a key module in the IATA Travel

    Passengers on a select route will be invited to
    participate by first downloading the app and creating a digital
    profile before selecting a participating medical service provider
    for testing.

    A secure, encrypted channel will then enable the
    registered laboratory to verify the passenger’s identity and
    directly send the outcome of the COVID19 test, or proof of
    vaccination, to the traveller’s mobile device.

    This will then be
    checked against IATA’s global registry of

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