• The Top 7 Best Airbnbs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    7 of The Best Airbnb Deals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Milwaukee is known as one of the largest cities in the United States. It’s no surprise they have a non-exhaustive list of things to discover for every kind of tourist. Anyone will be astounded by the amount of unexpected art, family-friendly museums, fine dining restaurants, and cute shopping boutiques.

    But any tourist knows you have to exhaust your to-do list in a city at one point. What you can do, though, is stay longer. What better way to do that but with the best Airbnbs in the city? Read our

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  • Vietjet Reports VND274 Billion Profit in Q4 2020

    (01 Feb 2021)
    Vietjet Aviation has reported VND4,430 billion
    (approx. US$192 million) of consolidated revenue in the fourth
    quarter of 2020 and a total of VND18,210 billion (approx. US$790
    million) of consolidated revenue in 2020.

    After-tax profit of Vietjet’s parent company was
    VND274 billion (approx. US$11.9 million) in Q4/2020 while
    consolidated after-tax profit reached VND995 billion (approx.
    US$43 million).

    In 2020, Vietjet recorded a consolidated after-tax
    profit of VND70 billion (approx. US$3 million), making it one of
    the few airlines in the world which has not reduced staff numbers
    and yet still made a profit.

    Ancillary revenue accounted for nearly

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