Day: November 30, 2020

7 Best Airbnbs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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7 Best Airbnbs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

7 of The Best Airbnb Deals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Home to the momentous Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution was signed and the American flag’s birthplace, this vibrant metropolis is the site of major historical significance in the American narrative. Full of picturesque neighborhoods with old architecture, an interesting arts scene, and […]

7 Best Airbnbs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Melo Villareal
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RAF Red Arrows and Breitling Give Aerobility’s Grand Auction Major Boost

Aerobility’s Grand Auction has taken a real boost
ahead of its conclusion on 28 November, thanks to support from the
Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, The Red Arrows and Breitling.

Not only has Squadron Leader Martin Pert, Team
Leader 2018-2020, donated one of his iconic red flying suits but Squadron Leader Tom Bould, the new Red 1 for the next three
seasons, has joined his team pilots by signing a Breitling Avenger
RAF Red Arrows Limited Edition watch, donated by Breitling.

Bold, extremely robust and shock
resistant, the Breitling Avenger has been released in partnership with
the Royal Air Force

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