Ultimate List Of The Best Hotels In Tuguegarao City, Philippines

Tuguegarao is the largest city in the Cagayan Province and the main hub of the Cagayan Valley. The city is often labeled the “gateway to the IIocandia and the Cordilleras” due to its strategic geographical location on the southern region of the province at the junction between Pinacanauan River and Cagayan River.

Tuguegarao is a picturesque city on its own right, having Cordillera Mountains to its west, Sierra Madre Mountains to its east, and the Carballo Mountains to its south. It also experiences a tropical climate, which is ideal for vacation. Tuguegarao has plenty of attractions and is an important business hub of the Cagayan Province. Whatever your reason for visiting the city is, there are plenty of accommodation options.

10 Best Hotels in Tuguegarao City

Mango Suites

Hotel Mango Suites in Tuguegarao

Address: Rizal Street Corner Belzain Road Centro 8, Annafunan, Tuguegarao City

Price range (In U.S. Dollars): USD 36 to USD 70

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For business and leisure trips, Mango Suites is the best strategy and comfortable hotel in the city. It is located in the Annafunan neighborhood of Tuguegarao which is an ideal location for easy access to the city and its attractions such as Buntun Bridge, the airport, and Ermita de San Jacinto.

The property offers a wide range of facilities to enhance your stay in the city. Some of the services you should expect to receive include free internet connection, 24 hours room service and front desk, express check-in and check out, and many more.

The comfy rooms are equipped with LCD TVs, air conditioning as well as massage and spa areas.

Taj Hotel

Taj Hotel Tuguegarao City
Taj Hotel Tuguegarao City

Address: 7B Taft St. Centro 08, San Gabriel, Tuguegarao City

Price range: (In U.S. Dollars): USD 20 to USD 49

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Taj Hotel is a great accommodation option for those looking to have fun in and around Tuguegarao City, sitting just a half kilometer from the city center and less than 10 minutes from the airport. With this convenient location, this should be your nest for the entirety of your visit to the city of Cagayan Province.

The hotel is laidback but offers some unrivaled services for its guests including free internet connection, 24-hour room services, and security, and a convenient store.

You will have a pool of 36 rooms to choose from, each stylishly well-appointed and some even offer the comfort of plasma TV and air conditioning.

Benjies Place

Benjies Place Hotel
Benjies Place Hotel

Address: 2 Pan-Philippine Hwy, Tuguegarao

Price range (In U.S. Dollars): USD 26 to USD 43

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Benjies Place is located ideally at the center of Annafunan, the busiest area of Tuguegarao City, and around 4 kilometers from the city center. You can have easy access to a number of points of interest in the city from this hotel.

A plethora of amenities await you at this property, such as a TV screen, air conditioning, mini-bar, working desk, and free Wi-Fi

Balai Carmela

Balai Carmela Tuguegarao
Balai Carmela Tuguegarao

Address: Tuguegarao, Cagayan, Philippines

Price range (in U.S. Dollars): USD 26 to USD 193

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If you like to BBQ, Balai Carmela might be an ideal hotel for you to stay in during your visit to Cagayan Province. It also has a fitness center, a garden, and a bar.

Among the facilities in this property include 24 hours room service and front desk as well as free internet connection, luggage storage, and concierge service for guests.

The rooms are well-appointed and feature air conditioning and plasma TV.

This hotel also has a sun terrace.

Hotel Juliana

Hotel Juliana Tuguegarao Deluxe Room
Hotel Juliana Tuguegarao Deluxe Room

Address: 6 Blumentritt St, Tuguegarao, 3500 Cagayan

Price range (In U.S. Dollars): USD 35 to USD 76

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Hotel Juliana is situated in Annafunan in Tuguegarao City. It offers alternative accommodation for guests seeking serenity in a vibrant area like Annafunan,

The property offers some of the most superior services you will find in the city and a wide range of amenities.

Hotel Juliana is committed to making sure that your stay in the property as well as the city is as comfortable as you can imagine.

Any of the 11 guestrooms will allow you to escape the bustle of the city and feel right at home, thanks to the numerous on-site amenities and facilities.

Besides the usual facilities, such as plasma TV, towels, linens, and air conditioning, the hotel also offers a host of recreational services to ensure you stay occupied and kick out any blues.

Hotel Lorita

Hotel Lorita Tuguegarao
Hotel Lorita Tuguegarao

Address: 67 Rizal Street, Centro 10, Tuguegarao City

Price range (In U.S Dollars): USD 40 to USD 85

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Having been recently renovated, Hotel Lorita ensures guests have a pleasant stay in the city be it for the pleasure of business. If you are in Tuguegarao for business, the accommodation is strategically located in the city’s central business district and if you are there for leisure, you will be close to several sightseeing options such as the Buntun Bridge and Ermita de San Jacinto.

The hotel has 32 fully furnished guest rooms, some of which includes an LCD plasma TV, free internet access, and air conditioning,

The hotel also offers a range of recreational facilities.

128 Lodge

128 Lodge Tuguegarao City
128 Lodge Tuguegarao City

Address: Enrile Avenue Zone 07 Cagayan, 128 Lodge, Carig, Tuguegarao City, Philippines

Price range (In U.S Dollars) USD 18 to USD 40

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Located near the city hall in Tuguegarao City and a few minutes’ rides to the bus terminal and airport, 128 Lodge is ideal for family and group travel. It features all the facilities standard hotel offers as well as a balcony and garden.

Radlett Residences – Tuguegarao

Radlett Residences – Tuguegarao
Radlett Residences – Tuguegarao

Address: Campos St, Tuguegarao, Cagayan, Philippines

Price range (In U.S Dollars): USD 34 to USD 38

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Located in the Luzon area of Tuguegarao, Radlett Residences is a bed and breakfast accommodation that offers a wide range of amenities and facilities to guests.

The air-conditioned rooms are fitted with a flat-screen TV, free internet, a bathroom, and a shower.

The property is also located just a few minutes’ rides from the airport.

Cozy Homestay

Cozy Homestay Tuguegarao
Cozy Homestay Tuguegarao

Address: Tuguegarao City, Cagayan Valley, Philippines

Price range (In U.S. Dollars): USD 13 to USD 38

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Located 5 minutes away from the airport, this charming home provides accommodation to guests in comfortable rooms with a balcony.

The property also offers airport pick up and transfer as well as driver and other household services.

3F6 Budget Solo Room

Address: Carig, Tuguegarao City

Price range (In U.S Dollars): USD 9 to USD 9

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A budget single room for backpackers and solo travelers, 3F6 Budget located in Carig, close to the Callao Cave, Public Market, Palaui Island, and many other attractions in the city.

*Tuguegarao City Hotel Rates may change without prior notice. Please check Agoda for updated hotel rates, room availability, and hotel promotions.

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