Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Tunisia

Tunisia Bucket List: Top 10 Places to Visit in Tunisia

Nestled in the northernmost part of Africa is the ancient country of Tunisia. It is a melting pot of various cultures and influences, ranging from Roman, Arab, and French, to name a few. Apart from the interesting historical places nestled in its territory, Tunisia is also famous for its presence in Star Wars IV, the idyllic beaches, and the sandy desert that hugs its lands. If you’re up for an affordable holiday that will strike wonder, these are the best places to visit in Tunisia.:


Hammamet Beach in Tunisia

This exquisite town in Tunisia is known for bearing many of the most sought-after beaches in the country. If you’re looking for a family holiday with lots of water activities and sports, this destination will prove to be a gem.

What makes this place extra special are the Roman-influenced whitewashed buildings, which will give you the charming Grecian vibe.


Oasis in the Sahara desert next to the ruined settlement, Chebika, Tunisia photo via Depositphotos
An oasis in the Sahara desert next to the ruined settlement, Chebika, Tunisia photo via Depositphotos

After a day of sunbathing, you can head to Chebika, a mountainous paradise in western Tunisia.

Due to its seeming exposure to the sun, this part of Tunisia is commonly known as Qasr el-Shams, meaning “Castle of the Sun.”

Many scenes for the film The English Patient were shot in the Chebika oasis landscape. Despite circulated claims, no scenes for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope were shot in this area.

Chott el Djerid

Beautiful sunrise on salt lake Chott el Djerid, Sahara desert, Tunisia photo via Depositphotos
Beautiful sunrise on salt lake Chott el Djerid, Sahara desert, Tunisia photo via Depositphotos

This epic destination is one of the most visited in Tunisia. Being a lake within the Sahara, its Arabic-originating name translates to “Lagoon of the Land of Palms.”

What makes Chott el Djerid an iconic part of Africa is it’s the most enormous salt lake in the Sahara, with a surface area of more than 2,700 square miles. If you want stellar photos and memorable experiences, this tourist attraction is a must-see.


Djerba Island Tunisia photo via Depositphotos
Djerba Island Tunisia photo via Depositphotos

From the largest lake, our list is moving on to a small island in the southern part of Tunisia. Djerba’s island is known for its white sandy beaches and the rich Jewish influences on its culture and architecture.

One of the must-see beaches in Djerba is the Lagoon. It features a crystal clear and emerald waters which are relaxing to see and dip into.

Being one of the main tourist destinations, Djerba is accessible via a multitude of means. You can reach it via plane, train, or bus. Busses are available all day, with night trips too.

El Haouaria

El Haouaria photo via Depositphotos
El Haouaria photo via Depositphotos

If you’ve come to Tunisia for swimming and more, El Haouaria is likely to pique your interest. It is home to around 9,000 residents, which gives you a glimpse of how livable it is.

Apart from being an ideal place to lounge on and reside in, many tourists find this an ideal place to hike.

If you time your trek during sunset, you will be blown away by the view of the unending sea and the luscious greeneries.

El Jem

El Jem Amphitheater photo via Depositphotos
El Jem Amphitheater photo via Depositphotos

This Romanesque amphitheater is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.

The impressive ruins of the largest colosseum in North Africa, a huge amphitheater that could hold up to 35,000 spectators, are found in the small village of El Jem. This 3rd-century monument illustrates the grandeur and extent of Imperial Rome.

The Romans built some of the most popular and historic amphitheaters globally, and El Jem is nothing short of fascinating.


Great Mosque of Kairouan, Tunisia, photo via Depositphotos
Great Mosque of Kairouan, Tunisia, photo via Depositphotos

From El Jem, the list moves on to another UNESCO World Heritage Site, also known as Al Qayrawan. If you’ve noticed the Arabic influence, that’s spot on!

The Umayyads founded this city, and it has since become an important center for many Islamic activities, such as Quran learning.

You will find many mosques in this city, including the Great Mosque Of Kairouan. You can also roam the picturesque streets of Medina (old town) and see interesting finds from the surrounding souks (boutiques).


Berber underground dwellings. Troglodyte house. Matmata, Tunisia photo via Depositphotos
Berber underground dwellings. Troglodyte house. Matmata, Tunisia photo via Depositphotos

The town of Matmata is probably one of the most interesting towns that you should visit in Tunisia. Many of its structures were created by digging a cave-like pit underground, which will later be used as rooms. Some of these underground rooms are even connected by trench-inspired passageways.

If you’re a hardcore Star Wars fan, you would’ve seen a snippet of Matmata in the movies. Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and  Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones had a set here. Luke Skywalker’s home on the planet Tatooine is, in fact, a hotel in Matmata.

If you’re a Call of Duty gamer, this town will also look familiar to you. Your character would’ve destroyed a radio mast and German fuel depot on this town’s outskirts through COD.


Indigenous berber man with dromedary camels travelling in Sahara desert photos via Depositphotos
Indigenous Berber man with dromedary camels traveling in Sahara desert photos via Depositphotos

From an iconic scene-clad town, you can spend a day or more at the world’s largest hot desert. The Sahara Desert is so vast that it is accessible from many countries. Tunisia is certainly one of the gates to this exquisite paradise.

If you’re a fan of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince, you have one more reason to visit this iconic place.

When at the Sahara, you can ride a quad bike, sand surf, spot wild wildlife, and experience sunrise or sunset like never before. There are also campfire and star gazing sites at the Sahara, which can easily become your trip’s highlight.

Ribat of Monastir

Ribat in Monastir in Tunisia photos via Depositphotos
Ribat in Monastir in Tunisia photos via Depositphotos

Tunisia is home to much ancient defense structure, and the ribat in Monastir is one of the must-sees. A ribat is an Islamic made defensive structure that played an important role in Tunisia’s history.

You will also see a hundred-stepped spiral stair watchtower within the site, which served as a communication tool in the olden times. If you’re fascinated by history and wars, this destination is a must-see for you!

Tunisia Travel and Tour Packages

To help you plan out your visit to Tunisia, we listed places to visit and other amazing activities in Tunisia. We also listed some of the best travel deals and tour packages and excellent flight deals and accommodation.

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