The Ultimate List of The Best Hotels in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

Where to Stay in Malaybalay City: List of the Top 10 Best Malaybalay City Hotels

At the heart of Northern Mindanao is the forest-rich province of Bukidnon and its capital city, the City of Malaybalay. Dubbed as the South Summer Capital of the Philippines, this city has a wide range of festivities and tourist attractions. Spread across Malaybalay’s forty-six barangays are scenic places that are both historically valuable and charming to tourists.

Best Hotels in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

If you are interested in a peaceful and soul-rejuvenating holiday, various monasteries and retreat houses are available in Malaybalay City. If you’re after an au naturel view, you can spend your day in a farm where the sweetest pineapples are grown, or a barangay where you can dive and swim at a blue-water spring. Should you fancy historical places, the monument of the then-president Manual Roxas offers and educationally fulfilling trip. If you want to up the notch of your holiday, David’s Tower is an ancient three-story house which is famous for strange and supernatural events. If you want to visit only the top attractions in Malaybalay City, you might as well stay at the best hotels the area can offer. Here’s our top pick:

Bom Bom Hotel

Bom Bom Hotel in Malaybalay CityBom Bom Hotel in Malaybalay City
Bom Bom Hotel in Malaybalay City

Address: Damasco Street, Sayre Hwy, Corner, Barangay 8, Malaybalay, 8700

Rates start at 29 USD

The modern and stylish rooms are what comfortable stays are made of. Imagine the comfort of a contemporary home inside and the fresh air of Bukidnon outside. If you yearn for a hearty meal, the hotel offers one of the best dining places in the city. Complete with Italian, American, and Filipino-inspired cuisines, you will surely have the breakfast of your dreams. With a pleasant ambiance to complete your dining experience, they know exactly how to prepare you for a full day of exploration.

WL Suites

Address: Sanchez St., Brgy 8, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Philippines, 8700

Rates start at 10 USD

This pet-friendly accommodation is one of the best deals for smart travelers. At such an affordable price, you’ll get a comfortable and tidy bed and shower, free access to Wi-Fi, en-suite dining, and warm staff to welcome you. Don’t forget to drop by the dining and drinks section for their delectable meals and satisfying beverages.

Pine Hills Hotel

Address: Sayre Hwy, Malaybalay, Bukidnon

Rates start at 43 USD

Get excellent value for your money at Pine Hills Hotel, a lodge that takes pride in its accommodating staff and its homey Filipino ambiance. The locally-made furniture and decors will give you a glimpse of the Philippine culture. This hotel is not only famous to travelers, for it also hosts intimate weddings and memorable celebrations. If you’re looking for a place for the whole family, this hotel is all the oasis you need.

Waterpool Micro Hotel

Waterpool Micro Hotel
Waterpool Micro Hotel

Address: Sayre Highway, Casisang, Malaybalay, 8700 Bukidnon

Rates start at 18 USD

Check Rates and Availability

Waterpool Micro hotel offers a convenient stay in each of its simple yet cozy rooms. Each room gives you access to air conditioning, a must-have when staying at a tropical climate that’s high in humidity; a flat-screen cable TV, to keep you entertained and in the know if you don’t feel like braving the rain; hot and cold shower, to suit your preference; a Wi-Fi zone where you can keep close to the rest of the world; a swimming pool to keep the heat at bay, and a parking space for a more convenient stay.

Chalton Hotel

Chalton Hotel
Chalton Hotel

Address: Lope Damasco St, Malaybalay, Bukidnon

Rates start at 16 USD

Check Rates and Availability

Chalton Hotel is a no-fuss hotel, offering your basic requirements in a hotel — clean, comfortable, safe, with no-less than the most helpful staff to give you the ultimate vacation vibe in Bukidnon. Expect the staff to be hospitable and ready to assist you with what you might need. This hotel conveniently gives you free parking, a fully airconditioned room, a network of shows on your flat-screen TV, good WiFi connection, and access to one of the favorite past times of Filipinos–the karaoke and a gastropub.

Loiza’s Suites

Loizas Suites
Loizas Suites

Address: Caisisang, Malaybalay, Malaybalay, Philippines, 8700

Rates start at 35 USD

Check Rates and Availability

Have a tryst with nature and the refreshing vibe it brings in the lavish landscapes of Loiza’s Pavilion. The roomy and sophisticated-looking rooms are a reflection of comfortable and modern Filipino homes. The pavilion’s restaurant offers excellent blends of the favorite local coffee and the most popular breakfast combinations in the country.

JB Apartelle

JB Apartelle Malaybalay Bukidnon
JB Apartelle Malaybalay Bukidnon

Address: Purok 5, Casisang, Malaybalay City, Malaybalay, Philippines

Rates start at 18 USD

Check Rates and Availability

JB Apartelle offers stylish and well-maintained budget-friendly rooms, packed with all the necessities you need. Enjoy fully air-conditioned rooms to help regulate your body temperature amidst the hot and humid weather, a hot and cold shower to keep you feeling fresh, a cable TV where you can watch local and international shows and movies, and free Wi-Fi to keep you connected with loved ones around the world. Don’t forget to try out locally concocted cocktails by their bar for the ultimate vacation.

Green Ridge Apartelle

Address: Carbajal St., Capitol Drive, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Philippines, 8700

Rates start at 14 USD

For a change, you can try this colorful budget-friendly hotel, which is known for helpful staff who would love to accommodate your stay. This affordable hotel is conveniently nearby Malaybalay City’s Mount Kalatungan Range Natural Park, Gantungan Falls, and Kaamulan Park, to name a few. If you don’t mind a basic hotel which prioritizes your convenient access to only the best that the city has to offer, this homey place is a booking away.

1st Avenue Apartelle

1st Avenue Apartelle in Malaybalay City
1st Avenue Apartelle in Malaybalay City

Address: Propia St, Malaybalay City, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Philippines

Rates start at 8 USD

Check Rates and Availability

1st Avenue Apartelle is comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective. It isn’t glittering, sparkling, and illustrious, but it has all that you need in a room. This minimalist-friendly budget hotel is committed to helping you spend on souvenirs and activities while keeping you sound and safe within its premises. This child-friendly accommodation has accessible massage options, karaoke bar, baggage storage, parking, and a 24-hour front desk. You won’t hesitate to stay at this well-reviewed hotel.

*Malaybalay City Hotel Rates may change without prior notice. Please check Agoda for updated hotel rates, room availability, and hotel promotions.

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