The Odys Hotel strives to turn challenges facing the Covid phase into opportunities

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, July 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Due to the global health situation, the last period was an unprecedented time for the Hospitality industry. However, representing the Vietnamese responsiveness and the unified spirit against difficulties, the team at The Odys Boutique Hotel has implemented many meaningful activities throughout the past few months.

The Odys Hotel strives to turn challenges facing the Covid phase into opportunities

One of the fastest changes was in the F&B section. The Odys promptly launched the Home Delivery service for those who crave the Bup restaurant’s menu of curated Asian European cuisines, while maintaining the hygiene and quality of the food. The In-room menu also added in extra local specialties such as hu tieu, pho or banh mi bo kho so that guests do not have to leave their room or be in close proximity with strangers during the Social Distancing period.

The staff at The Odys Boutique Hotel also acknowledges the increasing pressures towards the country’s natural resources during the home sheltering period. As a result, everyone has worked together to reduce the use of electricity and water, minimise wasting food and wash their uniforms at home.

Moreover, The Odys Boutique Hotel did not forget the social responsibility towards the community and the environment. On the last Environment Day, the hotel gave away many sets of reusable bamboo straws and cleaning sticks to increase awareness and accompany the guests in the global effort to protect the environment. 

Collaborating with many generous societal stakeholders, The Odys Hotel organised many series of charitable activities to give away many practical gifts for those who are struggling. Through these activities, 10,000 portions of meal, 100kg of rice, and many other necessities were given away so those with unstable incomes could survive the pandemic. The series of charity concluded with loves and cares that are still resonating.

Furthermore, the hotel hosted many charitable exhibitions to connect the community. One of them was the 5th “Sapa – The returning day” exhibition of the artist Dung Hung Ha. As a result of these exhibitions, The Odys Hotel continues to help nurture the growing Contemporary Art scene in Vietnam.

In the current New Normal stage, the team at The Odys Boutique Hotel is busy with new holiday packages for travellers stopping over in Saigon before heading towards nearby popular tourist attractions. With the solidary efforts from the entire team, The Odys Boutique Hotel continues being the destination to experience the elegant beauty of a Vietnamese soul.

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