Sagada Temporarily Closes Door On Tourists Amid Covid-19

Sagada Eco-tourism activities suspended amid COVID-19

Sagada, Philippines — The local government of Sagada has announced that it is temporarily closing its doors to the public amid the spread of the Covid-19.

The Mayor of Sagada, James B. Pooten, Jr., signed Executive Order No. 7-29 last Feb. 13, 2020, ordering the suspension of all tourism activities in the Municipality of Sagada, Mountain Province, until further notice. This is in an effort to prevent the Covid-19 from spreading in the locality.

Rice Terraces in Sagada photo by @herrherrmann via Unsplash

Pooten said it is a necessity to temporarily close the tourist destination because health and safety should always be prioritized.

The mayor further said, based on the report of Inquirer, that he made a consultation with the community with regard to the suspension as a response to the growing concern over the recent outbreak.

Pooten also said that Sagada has commenced implementing prevention and control measures in a bid to protect the health of the residents.

Zoomed Photo of Hanging Coffins in Sagada
Zoomed Photo of Hanging Coffins in Sagada

Sagada, for the uninitiated, is well-renowned because of landscapes, burial caves, as well as indigenous culture.

Virus’ New Name

Not so long ago, the World Health Organization has given the virus that have caused the death of over a thousand patients in China a new name.

It is now named Covid-19, according to the WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. The name is focused on the type of virus that caused the disease.

People walk on the street in Macau wearing face masks to protect them to be infected with coronavirus photo by @macauphotoagency via Unsplash
People walk on the street in Macau wearing face masks to protect them to be infected with coronavirus photo by @macauphotoagency via Unsplash

“Co” and “Vi” stand for coronavirus. The “D,” in the meantime, means disease. The 19 stands for 2019, in which the first cases of the said disease were reported.

The Director-General explained that the organization had to find a name that does not refer to an individual, an animal, a group of people, or a geographical location. Moreover, the new name, according to him, is easy to pronounce.

To date, most cases are concentrated in China, particularly in Hubei province and Wuhan. More than 40,000 have also been infected by the said virus. As of 6 a.m. Tuesday (Geneva time), the organization said the deaths have already reached 1,017 because of the disease.

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