6 Must See Taipei Neighborhoods and Small Towns

While Taiwan’s capital is home to plenty of attractions in its own right (and certainly worth the trip!), visitors to Taipei often miss the incredible gems located in the surrounding area. Taipei’s unique neighborhoods and nearby small towns are the perfect addition to any Taiwanese adventure.

1. Jiufen

Looking to visit the town that looks like the film Spirited Away? Look no further than Juifen. Whether you are looking to wander down charming alleyways like Jiufen Old Street, visit whimsical tea houses, or learn about the town’s heritage you are only a short 40-minute train trip away.

Who’s it for: History seekers

What to do: A-Mei Teahouse, Golden Waterfall, Jishan Street, Fushan Temple, Taiwan POW Memorial and Peace Park

2. Songshan District

If it’s a hipster neighborhood you’re looking for then the Songshan District is just for you. The chilled-out vibe, coupled with trendy cafés, independent, quirky stores selling furniture, vintage clothing and other goodies including Fujin Street makes for a perfect stop.

Who’s it for: Culture-Vultures

What to do: Raohe Night Market,  Ciyou Temple, Fujin Tree 353 Café, Grassphere Café and Shop

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3. Wanhua

Despite being Taipei’s oldest neighborhood, Wanhua is just as cool as the newer kids on the block. You’ve got, beautiful temples, historic streets that will transport you back in time, night markets, and even an ice rink.

Who’s it for: The foodie traveler
What to do: The Snake Alley night market, the Longshan Temple, Modern Toilet Restaurant, Origin Tofu Pudding

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4. Beitou

Considered to be the northernmost neighborhood of Taipei, Beitou has gained a reputation for its impressive range of therapeutic hot springs. Here you’ll also find lots of green spaces, one of the only two green sulfur springs in the world and historical sites making it the perfect place to relax after spending some time in the capital.

Who’s it for: Wellness travelers
What to do: Thermal Valley, Xingyi Road Hot Springs, Beitou Hot Spring Museum

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5. Ximending

This trendy area of Taipei is an attraction ground for the city’s younger generation. Most famously, the artsy and distinctive Red House (the first and largest tea house in Taiwan and the heart and soul of the LGBTQ community). With a fresh mix of boutique shopping, hip ‘n’ happening bars and clubs and cinemas, it’s a promised fun night out.

Who’s it for: The entertainment hunters
What to do: Visit the shopping mall, Karaoke clubs

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6. Tamsui District

If you’re looking for something more idyllic and step away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life, then the Tamsui District is the perfect stop-off. Soak in sensational sights,  sit by the coast to feel the fresh sea air and tuck into some of the delicious local delicacies.

Who’s it for: The romantics
What to do: Hobe Fort, Fort San Domingo

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Looking to visit Taiwan? Check out our full travel guide here and our cheap flights to Taiwan page.

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