12 of The Best Beaches in Michigan

Michigan is the only state in the US with more shoreline after Alaska. It is enclosed by four of the five Great Lakes and so its beauty, landscape, shorelines, islands, and peninsulas are unrivaled.

Indiana Dunes State Park Beach

This Midwestern state is known for its breathtaking beaches and clear waters, with more than 3,200 miles of coastline.

In recent years, travelers have realized that spending summer in the unspoiled beaches of Michigan is one of the best value for money vacations.

The beaches of Michigan come in different sizes, shapes, and characteristics, but what is guaranteed is maximum satisfaction. There is simply something for everyone there, be it family travel, solo travel, or romantic travel.

12 Best Beaches in Michigan

Cheboygan State Park Beach

Cheboygan Michigan Beach photo via Depositphotos
Cheboygan Michigan Beach photo via Depositphotos

Cheboygan is a cool, peaceful beach found in eastern Michigan. It is located on the shores of the iconic Lake Huron and inside Cheboygan State Park. The beach offers a lot more than just beautiful, soft sand, crystal water, and sunbathing options. Here you can hike through the scenic park or enjoy a picnic.

The beach also provides accommodation options for those who would like to stay for long.

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Grand Haven State Park Beach

Grand Haven State Park Beach by takomabibelot via Wikipedia CC
Grand Haven State Park Beach By takomabibelot – originally posted to Flickr as South Pierhead Light & Fog-Signal Building And Inner Lighthouse (Grand Haven, MI), CC BY 2.0, CC

This 48-acre beach is situated in Grand Haven at Lake Michigan and near the mouth of Grand River. Grand Haven State Park Beach consists of a wide range of fun activities for visitors such as swimming, picnicking, and fishing.

The designated picnic areas have shelters to escape the scorching sun.

There are also plenty of restaurants along the boardwalk as well as gift shops overflowing with trinkets, souvenirs, beach umbrellas, and other beachside facilities.

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Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore photo via Depositphotos
Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore photo via Depositphotos

The famous Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is one of the most recognizable beaches in the state of Michigan. Stretching some 60 miles, these beaches are the treasures of Michigan.

Walking on the golden-colored sand along the great Lake Michigan is an experience in itself.

Visitors also enjoy swimming in the clear water of Lake Michigan. Alternatively, you can just relax and sunbathe.

The best thing about Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is that it is made up of several beaches, meaning you choose one that pleases you.

Some of the most popular beaches at the park are found at the Peterson Road, Platte River Point, Tiesma Road, and Esch Road.

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Copper Harbor Beach

Copper Harbor Michigan Sunset photo via Depositphotos
Copper Harbor Michigan Sunset photo via Depositphotos

The name of this beach comes from the past mining activities in the region as the harbor played an important transportation role.

Today the harbor is a major recreational hub in Michigan owing to its location in relation to the Isle Royale National Park.

Copper Beach is picturesque with lots of activities.

Mackinaw City Beach

Mackinaw City Beach
Mackinaw City Beach

The jewel of northern Michigan, Mackinaw City Beach is found at Lake Huron and is famous for its beautiful dunes that shape its landscape.

There are plenty of beaches there, some of which are linked together by a trail.

The recreational area has lots of hotels and dining options.

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Orchard Beach State Park

Orchard Beach State Park by Joshuay04 via Wikipedia CC
Orchard Beach State Park By Joshuay04 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC

Orchard Beach is located at Lake Michigan. It features more than 150 campsites and picnic areas with the stretch of dunes below.

The beach is also home to a number of activities such as fishing, swimming, picnicking, and hiking as well as cross-skiing in winter.

There are bathrooms and changing lockers as well.

For those looking to extend their visit, the campsites are properly equipped with restrooms, showers, and many other facilities.

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Manistique Beach

Manistique Beach photo via Depositphotos
Manistique Beach photo via Depositphotos

As its name suggests, the Manistique Beach is located at the mouth of the river of the same name. Before it became touristy, Manistique used to be a laidback and hugely unknown town in Lake Michigan, but now, it is one of the premium recreational destinations in the region

Manistique Beach consists of a beach and a natural harbor as well as numerous nature trails and landmarks.

Visitors can also take part in fishing, camping, boating, and hunting as well as snowmobiling during winter months.

Last but not least, the beach also has many facilities that support tourism including restaurants and souvenir shops.

If you are up for it, explore the 19th-century ghost town called Fayette.

Find Hotels and Resorts in Manistique Beach

Rogers City

Rogers City Lakeside Park photo by Andreas Faessier via Wikipedia CC
Rogers City Lakeside Park photo By Andreas Faessler – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC

Rogers City is known for being home to one of the busiest ports in Michigan. It has numerous nicknames such as the Nautical City and Salmon Capital of Michigan. The former is probably because of the city’s famous shipping industry.

The beaches are so peaceful and less crowded at Rogers City, but the waters are filled with fishermen. The city is known for its fishing activities that it hosts a salmon fishing tournament every year.

Find Hotels and Resorts in Rogers City

Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Silver Lake Sand Dunes photo via Depositphotos
Silver Lake Sand Dunes photo via Depositphotos

If you are looking for a secluded beach in Michigan, Silver Lake Sand Dunes should be on top of your list. This idyllic, romantic white sandy beach is tucked away between Ludington and Muskegon at Lake Michigan and spans some 2,000 acres.

The waters are calm for swimming, but there are also several recreational activities such as hiking and four-wheel driving.

Find Hotels and Resorts in Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Hunter’s Point Park Beach

Hunter’s Point Park Beach photo by Matt Clara via FB
Hunter’s Point Park Beach photo by Matt Clara via FB

This beach is located in the small community in Northern Michigan called Cooper Harbor. It is famous for swimmers and those looking for amazing views of the sunset. It is also loved by newlyweds thanks to its charm and stunning landscapes.

The beach stretches about 5,000 feet, and with its beautiful scenery and chirping birds, you will enjoy relaxing and taking pictures at this place.

There is a kayak tour if you will be interested, otherwise, you can just stroll around Cooper Harbor and try some local food and artwork.

North Manitou Island

North Manitou Island by Wade9801 via Wikipedia CC
North Manitou Island By Wade9801 – Own work by the original uploader, Public Domain, CC

North Manitou is a 15,000-acre island located in Lake Michigan. It is an ideal location for nature lovers as well as individuals who like activities such as hunting, camping, and enjoying soft sand beaches.

You can also explore the villages on the island and interact with the natives as well as check out the ghost towns from centuries ago.

St Ignace

Wawatam Lighthouse in St. Ignace, Michigan via Depositphotos
Wawatam Lighthouse in St. Ignace, Michigan via Depositphotos

For those who love being surrounded by large bodies of waters, St. Ignace will satisfy your cravings. The island is bordered by Lake Michigan as well as many rivers, inland seas, lakes, and numerous streams.

With all these bodies of waters, you can imagine the variety of watersports one can enjoy on the island, including skiing, fishing, river floating, boating, surfing, canoeing, and many more.

Find Hotels and Resorts in St Ignace

To help you plan out your visit to Braga, we listed places to visit and other amazing activities to do in Michigan, USA. We also listed some of the best travel and tour packages, as well as excellent flight deals and accommodation.

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